are you awake? a playlist for 3 in the morning when the sky looks almost as beautiful as the person next to you [+]

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three and a half hours!!!

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in summer of 2011, the youtube channel “galaxylink" was launched as a side project for students in the theatre program of the university of wisconsin. these students were ones interested in not only the acting side, but also the creative process of building a musical. in order to get practice, they came together and composed a parody musical of star wars. the plot was to retell the story but from the empire’s point of view. they posted the clips onto the page so that friends and family could enjoy it, but the musical went viral. fast forward three years, and the founding members of galaxylink have just opened their own production company and theatre in anaheim, california. some of the original members have moved on and are making their own careers, and it’s causing tension with the members who want to stick to galaxylink. they’re starting to compose their next parody, based on the board game candyland.

what i’m looking for: the people in it! founders, original members, and new members!!! there can be people who were in the original musical but have moved on, and of course people who are just now joining up!!! IT’LL BE FUN OMG DO IT

  • name here (founder), miles teller, cate
  • nora fisher (founder), lily collins, taylor
  • name here (founder), nina dobrev, emilie
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Name: Kiss With a Fist
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Album: Lungs
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Kiss with a Fist | Florence + the Machine

Broke your jaw once before
Spilt your blood upon the floor
You broke my leg in return
So let’s sit back and watch the bed burn

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clap along if you know what happiness is to you

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            why play games,
why don't we call a spade a spade?
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I love all of the activity in the tag, y’all are so wonderful and I can’t wait to plot with everyone!!!

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selfless characters loving selfish characters


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i can feel the draw, i can feel it pulling me back.
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