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The first time I say I love you, your face
crumbles. You look at me
the way man stares in terror
at the stars and the sea.

You grasp your head, fist
your hair, hiss, whisper why me
why me I am weak I am
dirt I am dust I am

Why you? Because
the earth is made of dust
and dirt and you are as
essential to me as earth
is to sky; you give me something
to set my sun against.

The dirt and the dust are not
weak. I could build a house
out of you; y
ou are the roof
when I rain.

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No one ship is exactly the same. Each couple tends to come with their own quirks, their own traditions, their own struggles.

I’ve recently dug up an interesting article that categorizes relationships into 10 different kinds.

  1. Survival relationships 
  2. Validation relationships 
  3. Scripted relationships 
  4. Acceptance relationships
  5. Individuation-Assertion relationships 
  6. Healing relationships 
  7. Experimental relationships 
  8. Transitional relationships
  9. Avoidance relationships
  10. Pastime relationships  

If you’re interested in using these to help you roleplay a relationship that seems in at least some way, realistic, continue reading. 

Survival relationships: 

  • This is made up of people who don’t feel as if they can survive on their own. 
  • They feel as if they have to have someone be anything. In some cases it may literally be a case of survival.
  • Think someone who provides shelter, food, job, money etc. It’s important to note that these two are codependent. 
  • The relationship is often hostile and sometimes abusive. 
  • Feelings of insecurity tend to run rampant! 

Validation relationships: 

  • People in these relationships are those who seek validation of their physical attractiveness, intellect, social status, sexuality, wealth, or some other attribute.  
  • Teenagers and young adults who are looking for a sense of identity form relationships based on sexual validation.
  • The relationship tends to be a little insecure and need constant validation. 
  • “Do you really love me?” 

Scripted relationships: 

  • Seems to be the most perfect of relationships and everyone around them sees it as a great relationship.
  • The partners are the most perfect boyfriend or the most perfect girlfriend.
  • There are often power struggles in this type of relationship.
  • Sexual attraction or involvement if often lacking.
  • The partners are often stuck in routines. 

Acceptance relationships 

  • A trusting, supporting and enjoyable relationship. 
  • A very healthy and happy relationship. 

Individuation-Assertion relationships 

  • Both individuals know what the others wants and needs are.
  • Respect is a key factor in this relationship.
  • Partners are supportive of others aspirations and dreams 
  • They both recognize their individuality. 

NOTE: All types from here on tend to be transient.

Healing relationships:

  • These occur after periods of loss, struggle, depression, stress or mourning.
  • They’re looking for someone to “fix them” 
  • Couples tend to talk about the past and their losses a lot. 
  • Gentleness, support, and comfort  characterize this relationship srather than great passion.

Experimental relationships 

  • These are experimental relationships.

Transitional relationships 

  • This is a relationship that is a cross between the kind of relationships you use to have the kind you want.
  • An “almost but not quite there” 

Avoidance relationships 

  • They’re together but not close.
  • They want to avoid their own deeper feelings. 
  • Don’t want to “get too close” 
  • Self-disclosure is low and mistrust is high. 

Pastime relationships 

  • Just something recreational and for fun and games.
  • Often emphasis is on fun and not deeper feelings.
  • Not one likely to last.
  • One night stands fall under this.

(A link to the article

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i don’t really miss you, Lindsay Bottos

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Hell exists.
it’s here.
3 a.m.
awake and
without you.

Beau Taplin, "Hell exists." (via afadthatlastsforever)
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              i don't love you,
                                                but i always will.
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(Waiting for my doctor at urgent care so might as well start tossing my ideas around)

- rock star in his early days, left the spotlight to focus on his crumbling marriage. Took a job as a journalist for rolling stone to be closer to home …. Which didn’t work out so well. Has married the same girl twice, divorced her once and is now separated and doesn’t understand he’s the problem

- a dancer whose focus is in lyrical and jazz, she competed last year on a dance reality show. She came in second, but has landed gigs as featured dancer in music videos, commercials and as a back up dancer. One of her bigger accomplishments was being the featured female in an up and coming musicians video. Didn’t mean to fall in love with him, seeing as he’s in a committed relationship.

- my baby Eugenia cates aka my little singing song writing angel. She goes by the stage name Lolita and got her start by modeling and becoming an underground sensation. Now her music career is taking off, while she’s crumbling from the pressure of it

- idk a footballer i miss the World Cup

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